Monday, March 7, 2011

The Life of a Principality of Zeon Officer

It's been a pretty good life, lately. Well, another promotion might have something to do with that. I am now a Captain (by Navy standards, so O-6). It's a testament to how good I've gotten with Bonds of the Battlefield.


Basically, ranks are divided into three broad classes. B class is the line troops (from Civilian up to Corporal/Petty Officer), A class is the NCOs and officers (from Sergeant/Chief Petty Officer all the way to Colonel/Captain), and S class is the flag ranks. Over the half year I've been playing this game, I've managed to get myself from a rank novice all the way up to the very top of A class.


The way that works is detailed here, if you can read Japanese. Promotion requirements at first are simply based around pilot points, although you can get a chance to take the A class promotion test early if you're really good. In fact, I recently created a Federation pilot card, and I have already been offered that chance. I declined, because I can't play with other people in B class once I start the A class promotion test.


At any rate, promotions in A class are based around grades. Every battle is graded, from the highest grade of S down through E. S ranks are extremely rare, as you have to get through the entire battle without getting destroyed even once to get one, and of course you need to do really well on top of that. E ranks are also rare, as you need to be destroyed four or more times in one battle to justify getting one.


So for the A class, the game looks at your last ten battles, and if your grades are good enough, you can get promoted. Today, I finally managed to assemble a set of ten battles that met the frankly brutal requirements for promotion to Captain: four As, four Bs, and two Cs. (Or higher; one of those As was an S, in my case.)


It helped that the battle today was a 6v6 in Belfast, a harbor map that favors long-range nautical combat. (Some mobile suits are designed for underwater combat, although I honestly don't know what the in-game effects are.) You see, I'm actually kind of bad in smaller battles... I guess I'm better at taking advantage of a chaotic battle. And I finally had an excuse to try using my Gelgoog Marine.


It also helped that the enemy never even tried to shoot me when I played as a long-range bombardment type mobile suit the one time. Being able to destroy the enemy base without opposition is an excellent way to get an A, and the bombardment on the enemy mobile suits with cluster rounds didn't help matters. That was the S, actually.


So yeah. I can now call myself Captain Zankou of the Principality of Zeon forces. Life is good.


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