Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Diva of the Modern Age

Miku Hatsune is so cute!


Okay. Got that out of my system. So yesterday, there was a concert: Miku Hatsune Live Party 2011, in Tokyo. Sadly I couldn't go to the actual event itself (I'll save random trips to Tokyo for the weekends), but I was able to go to the movie theater in Kyoto and watch the concert live from afar. And I'm very glad I did.


I got to the theater around 6:45; the show was supposed to start at 7. After meeting a friend who was also going to the concert, we headed into the movie theater. We got a free little glow stick and a tote bag when we went in, because it wouldn't be a Japanese concert without glow sticks to wave around in the air. And yes, we did. The movie theater was a field of little glowy lights during the entire concert.


Why was this concert so cool, you ask? Simple. Hologram. The Vocaloids are not human beings, after all. We're referring to computer programs designed to synthesize voice, primarily for singing. I say "primarily" because Miku did greet us after her first song ("Good evening everyone!"), so she's certainly capable of "normal" speech, although it does sound a little awkward.


Of course, Japan being Japan, said computer programs are given the face and form of a 16-year-old girl with bright blue hair that's probably longer than she is tall. According to the booklet I bought at the concert, Miku is 16, is about 5'2", and weighs less than a hundred pounds.


... If they're trying to get me to see her as more "human", it's working. I mean, there's what I started this post with...


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