Monday, February 28, 2011

Young Alive! Lyrics

Nana Mizuki is my favorite singer and voice actor, period. Her music was where I first started trying to understand Japanese lyrics. I could spend a very long time yapping about how awesome she is, but I'll just get the lyrics for this song up and get on with it.


Young Alive!

Artist/Lyrics: Nana Mizuki

Composer: Hirobumi Miyake (Not sure about that reading...)

Arranger: Junpei Fujita (Elements Garden)
編曲:藤田淳平(ふじたじゅんぺい)(Elements Garden)


無理難題 多岐亡羊(>_<)
規矩準縄 旗幟鮮明 オシエテ
何を迷っているの? カッ飛ばせ!

Impossible problems, too many choices,
show me how to make my attitude clear!
What has you confused? Let me fly!

どこにもない どうしようもない

Nowhere to go, no other choice,
I'll just take off through the drama of self-education.
No one could fake this.

履き潰した靴 放り投げて太陽とKISS
7秒数えたら始まる Special Race

I toss away the shoes my feet were jammed into, kissing the sun,
and once I count off seven seconds, the special race begins!

Are you Ready? OK? come on! Let’s GO!

Board the rainbow-colored machine, high in the sky;
although it's an impossible future, we'll put it into motion.
And once we get the green light,
full power, all out! Advance!
You're not alone!
Are you ready? OK? Come on! Let's go!

意気揚々 雨奇晴好(≥ω≤)/
天衣無縫 拈華微笑 まだまだ
眠ってるハズだよ 本気出そう!

In high spirits before this beautiful scenery;
flawless, and yet I still can't share my thoughts.
It should still be sleeping... I'll get serious!

どうすれば…? どうなるの…?
不安はね 進化への第一歩だよ

What should we do? What will this become?
Uncertainty, you know, is the first step to progress!
It brings forth the star that is our target.

細胞に広がる 新しいリズムを感じて
7回数えたら 目覚める自由な規則(フリーダムルール)

Feel the new rhythm that reaches to each cell of your body;
once we count off seven beats, awaken to the rule of freedom!

Are you HAPPY? I will make it together!

The rainbow-colored sky slides past;
although it's a better tomorrow, we'll create it!
We can't return anymore to the meter we've shaken free of;
yeah, there's no such thing as a place we can't reach.
Take my hand!
Are you happy? I will make it, together!


Because we don't need anything like that,
come on, let's push on forward!

がむしゃらでいい キミらしく
Are you Ready? OK? come on! Let’s GO!

Board the rainbow-colored machine, high in the sky;
although it's an impossible future, we'll put it into motion.
And once we get the green light,
full power, all out! Advance!
You're not alone!
Are you ready? OK? Come on! Let's go!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Plans for Spring Break

I don't have any.


Okay, well, more seriously... a lot of my friends are in Tokyo right now, and in all honesty I would have liked to go with them. But, I've been in Tokyo twice now, and I keep spending too much money, both in the process of getting there and in shopping once I'm there. There are still places I want to go in Tokyo, things I want to see, yes. But I'll wait on the next Tokyo trip. Which, actually, might be soon... there's a certain event coming up...


One good idea I had was to go the other way, to Hiroshima. I do need to go there sometime. Of course, I can't ever seem to plan ahead, and so I have no actual plans. I'm almost tempted to use the shinkansen's speed to make it a day trip (it's less than two hours away on the Nozomi) but then I don't know what there is to see there. I'd hate to miss something because I was trying to fit everything into one day.


Or I could just stick around in the Kyoto area and do as little as possible. Somehow, I still haven't been to Kiyomizu-dera or Fushimi Inari Taisha, both of which I really do need to go see. Or there's Ise, which is only one of the most important shrines in all of Shinto, period. Well, now that I think about it, that would also be a day trip, two hours away on a Kintetsu limited express train...


Well, whatever I end up doing, I'll post about it. Unless I end up doing nothing. I imagine everyone has better things to do than read a blog post about me sitting around eating Pocky and reading fanfiction. (Heh.)


Sunday, February 20, 2011

Off to the Arcade!

Finally, I get promoted to Commander!


Hah. Okay, let me explain. I mentioned the one Gundam arcade game a while back, right? Well, I've still been playing it. Probably spending too much time and money on it, in fact. I could go on and on about the abilities of close-range combat type mobile suits, and how they compare to a long-range bombardment type tank, or I could explain the quick draw ability that only melee type mobile suits have.


Anyway, I went to the arcade today. Same one as always, the Namco Wonder Tower at Shijo and Kawaramachi. I actually started the day with some DDR, mostly because I felt like it. I wanted to play this one Riyu Kosaka song called Love Shine, but I couldn't find it... and then this Japanese guy goes up after I'm done and what's the first song he plays?

とにかく、今日ゲームセンターに行った。いつもどおりと同じ、四条河原町のナムコワンダータワーと言うゲームセンターだ。最初は、DDRをした。Love Shineと言う小坂りゆの曲をしたかったのに、見つけられなかった…しかし、僕が終わった後で、日本人の男はその曲をした。

I really don't like talking to people I don't know all that well... I always feel awkward. But, lacking any other ideas regarding the mystery, I managed to ask him about it. After talking it over a little, he realized that you have to reach a certain level to unlock some songs, and even spent some time checking the Internet (on his phone) to find out what those levels were.


Short version of the story: I need to reach level 46 already. (I'm level 19ish, I think.) At least I get Break Down at level 30...

縮めて、僕はレベル46に上がりたい。今のは、16ぐらい。まあ、30に上がるとBreak Down!を解錠する…

After that I picked up lunch and went back to the arcade for the Gundam game. With six battles since I had last been promoted, I needed to play twice more (two battles per play) to even be eligible for promotion. On top of that, I needed two victories, an A, and no more than one C.


I mean, I did it, obviously. First battle kind of didn't go well; my team lost, and I got that C. But then I switched to a long range mobile suit and went after the enemy base for the second round. Things got messy real fast. I got myself destroyed twice, and with less than 100 points I was on my way to getting a D. But, I managed to finally destroy the enemy base in the last ten seconds of the battle, pushing my score up to an A-worthy 300-some and giving my team the victory on top of that. You're welcome, everyone. God knows you could have actually, oh I don't know, defended me a little so that I could have done that without getting myself killed twice.


The remaining two battles were actually kinda easy. Don't know why. Matching gave us enemies that weren't all that good, I guess. So not complaining though. Not after getting promoted.


... rather than writing this, I should probably be doing homework...


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Various Reasons

... I haven't been blogging that much lately, have I.


Well, I can't do anything about that beyond just trying to write more. I've certainly been doing plenty of interesting things, I just haven't been talking about them online.


For this, I do have reasons, but no excuse. Life has been somewhat... chaotic... since this newest semester started. I feel like I've been trying to do everything all at once. It's not a feeling I particularly like, to be honest.


But, as long as I've been doing other things, I may as well share. I want to keep blogging, but as long as I'm getting distracted I might as well explain what it is that keeps distracting me - talk about my reasons, as it were.


The first problem is writing. I mean, the total halt to blogging last semester was pretty much entirely due to National Novel Writing Month. Which is only in November... but then, I started writing fanfiction. Because, you know, I'm not enough of an anime fan already. So on days when I actually want to write, I end up writing fiction rather than blogging.


At any rate, I might as well provide a link to my stories. For now I've been writing Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha fanfiction... specifically, a crossover between that and Halo. The Time-Space Administration Bureau is close enough to a military organization that I think it actually works out well... but since this definitely falls in the 'shameless self-promotion' category of activities, well, no promises.


Problem two is anime. I've actually stopped watching anime broadcast on TV, but I make up for it by going to a rental store called Tsutaya. I wanted to watch the original Mobile Suit Gundam series (the one from 1979), but they have a lot more than just that. I can rent five DVDs for 1000 yen, which is a lot better than buying one for seven times that. But watching five DVDs in a week takes a fair amount of time.


Finally... well, I'm my usual self. Hanging out on the Internet looking for cool things. And I keep finding them. I keep getting hooked in by stuff that's already been around for a while, thus forcing me to do a lot of reading quickly if I want to catch up.


Some fanfiction stories are like that... 150 thousand words or more. (For comparison, that's nearly twice as long as the first Harry Potter book.) If you have an interest in those, well, the earlier link to my profile has the stories that I've marked as favorites too.


But then there are the original stories. These are works that the author has simply posted on the Internet, available to read for free. Of course, if you like the stories, there's usually the option to donate/buy a physical copy/what have you.


Of those, easily the best I've read recently (and by 'best', I mean 'spent four hours last night reading it, instead of doing my homework like I should have been') is a series called Anachronauts, the work of an author named Stefan Gagne. It's an adventure set in a world with magic, high tech, and low-tech all at once (well, actually, modern, so perhaps these categories should be ultra-tech and modern tech...?), and it is a royally entertaining ride. I can't possibly do it justice, so hit the link (which goes to an introduction page) and see for yourself.


Actually, my introduction to his work was a much earlier story called Sailor Nothing, which I also highly recommend. Despite the title, it is not actually connected to Sailor Moon in any way beyond sharing the same genre, magical girl. Although really, Sailor Nothing is what happens when you take a magical girl story and add in a healthy dose of cold reality to the picture. Post-traumatic stress disorder is the least of Himei's problems, to put it bluntly.

実は、同じ作者のもう一つのいいものがある。Sailor Nothing(セーラーノッシング)と言う。魔法少女の物語以外、セーラームーンと関係ない。この物語は、魔法少女に辛い現実を入れる。心的外傷後ストレス障害は主人公(ヒメイと言う少女)の一番簡単な問題だ。

So yes. I apologize for not posting much, and then posting basically nothing but "you should check this out" when I finally do break my silence. Hopefully over the weekend, I can find my stride again with this whole "blogging" shtick. And if not... well, I guess I'll just see what the future brings.


Saturday, February 12, 2011


Finally got a chance to wear a kimono. So cool.