Monday, August 30, 2010

Preparations for Travel

... I have one more day in the United States. That's it. Come Tuesday morning, I will be on a flight to Japan.


I still can't quite believe it. I've got a visa, so I should be able to enter Japan. With some help from my parents, most of my luggage is already packed. I've got the airline tickets. Tomorrow, I'll go out and buy souvenirs. If reality was an anime, I believe I'd be saying "Preparations, complete!" right about now.


Summer vacation is over. This is the beginning of my junior year. A junior year that will be spent studying in Kyoto, Japan. There's really only one other thing I can think of to say.


I'm headed off to Japan.


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Otakon 2010

Right after Otakon ended, I went on a trip up to Maine. Every summer, my family and I go up to Maine for a vacation. And there's no Internet access where we go. That's kinda why it took a week to get around to talking about Otakon.


It was fun. I don't think I can put the fun into words, actually. Lots of awesome cosplayers, buying stuff... Unfortunately I wasn't able to put a cosplay together myself. My twin brother did cosplay, as Thoma Avenir from Magical Record Lyrical Nanoha Force. Our parents helped him put it together. Over the entire weekend, we met all of two people that recognized it. Out of twenty thousand or so people... two.


I bought way too much stuff, as always. Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle and Lucky Star DVDs, a new Nana Mizuki CD, a Fate Testarossa figurine, and a Otakon T-shirt. The best purchase was the Nana Mizuki CD, Impact Exciter; there isn't a song on there that I dislike.

いつも通り、買いすぎた。翼クロニクルとらきすたDVDsと、新しい水樹奈々CDと、フェイト・テスタロッサのフィギュアと、オタコンT-シャツを買った。一番いいのは水樹奈々CD、「IMPACT EXCITER」と言った。そのCDで、好きじゃない曲がない。

Oh, and my brother and I ran into his Japanese teacher from the Naval Academy, and talked for a bit. I did want to practice Japanese, but... having spent two years studying Japanese, you'd think I could manage better in conversation. Apparently not. I didn't say anything ridiculous, and I was at least able to use Japanese, but I was very halting. I'm not exactly outgoing in English either, so when I have to process the different language, I become even more reserved. All the same, it made me feel like a first-year student again.


Ah well, I am studying abroad to improve my Japanese. Just three more weeks...